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The Child Development Policy Institute's mission is to help establish sound public policy focused on what is best for the children of California. To that end, we are driven by the following basic goals for the child care system in California.

Stable and permanent funding for all children that assures quality services and outcomes. A continuum of education from early childhood through the K-12 system. A single set of standards for all children in early education and that all Early Education Teachers be licensed and credentialed similar to the requirements for K-12 Teachers.

High Standards and Outcomes. Early Education programs must be evaluated for quality and outcomes for children are measured and programs are held accountable. A single set of regulations is established for all children. The field serves and reflects diversity.

Early Education must be valued by the citizens of California. The public must perceive early childhood education as important and respect the field as professional.

Child Care and Early Education industry must be recognized as a significant economic force that helps assure a strong economy, directly by the creation of jobs and indirectly by permitting families of all income levels to work.

Child care is both a support to families who are moving from welfare to work and a foundation for school readiness. CDPI believes children served with State funds must be assured of a safe and enriched environment that both protects them and encourages their development in language, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills. State-funded early care and education programs, both center-based and family providers, can deliver basic care AND lay the foundation for development-based education that will ensure school readiness and long-term school and life success.

The Child Development Policy Institute applauds the Governor interest in improving the delivery of child care services in California. We appreciate the Women Caucas leadership on this critical issue, and we are thankful for the opportunity to contribute to that endeavor and expect to be a vital part of the inevitable discussions that follow. Our expertise and experience, with our independent and objective position of what is best for the children of California, could be of high value to the successful design and implementation of any system changes. Therefore, we offer our assistance, and encourage you to work with us as partners, in this monumental endeavor to improve the quality and services to children in California.

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